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Cherie Griffith Dunn LLC is a Management Consulting, Leadership Training, and Organizational Development company helping government organizations apply management, training, and technology practices to improve business performance.  We empower our clients to make more informed decisions by improving the way they do business.

Consulting Experts

We provide Consulting Solution services to build and improve your organization's project management capabilities in the area of office management, travel consulting, professional and management development training, acquisitions, business support, financial consulting, technology support, grant management support and diversity and inclusion.  We work closely with our client to help find solutions to difficult business-related problems.  Our management team gets involved with projects to help our clients perform better and create additional value for owners and shareholders.

Research & Development

We provided the best industry trends and best practices to keep your organization at the forefront of success our team.   We gather and analyze source material, design research programs, perform in-depth research, and create reports on our findings.  We also supervise other research work as well as advise on research projects to ensure that quality standards and deadlines are met.

Design & Facilitate

We have the techniques to better understand the social, emotional, and physical needs of our clients.  We apply methods that will help you turn your needs into human-centered solutions.  Using ideation techniques to quickly generate, develop, and test new ideas.

Workforce Growth Strategy

 Our team provides clients with unique insights aimed at addressing specific issues/problems and/or enhancing their long-term performance Economic strategy that creates programs to enhance living wage, women and youth improvement.  We specialize in involving and combining the other areas of economic consulting, such as competition and public policy, imaginatively and innovatively

Project Management Experts

We provide highly experienced program managers and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.  Our team helps you do better planning, decision making, and long-term goal achievements.  By applying data and statistical analysis to program and compliance initiatives, we streamline processes and accelerate bottom-line returns.  We also help you with all of your event needs.


Leadership Development/Training

We build intrinsic motivation by creating a team focus on outcomes and goal achievement.  By fostering collaboration and transparency for teams, reducing friction to progress and increase organizational rhythm and harmony with integrated projects and communication.  By developing cross-functional teams to execute with speed, powerful intent, and responsiveness.  We can help cultivate a culture of innovation with fearless ideation and open brainstorming.  Allowing us to provide teams tools and processes to manage dependencies to and regulate consistent work coordination.

Business Meeting

Our promise

To care about the clients we serve, the partners we support, and the team we build as we reach new heights in excellence.

Cherie Griffith Dunn LLC brings the highest standards of excellence and professionalism to every engagement. 


We work closely with our clients, listening to their specific needs and tailoring services to meet and exceed their expectations. We are focused on driving results, on-time and within budget.


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